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Pressure Balancing Cartridge

$106.50 $74.55

Speakman 01-0676-PC-P Showerhead Coupling Nut

$7.50 $5.63

Speakman 01-0683-RCP Coupling Nut


Speakman 03-0390-MO-PUR Showerhead Spindle S-2253

$5.30 $3.98

Hot Cross Handle

$36.80 $33.12

Cold Cross Handle

$36.80 $33.12

Speakman 04-0265-PC Shower Handle Polished Chrome S-2251 - DISCONTINUED

$18.80 $14.10

Cross Handle With Binder Nut

$32.00 $25.60

Cross Handle With Hot / Cold Button

$38.00 $30.40

Speakman 05-1645 Plunger Guide


Hot Index Button

$12.50 $11.25

Cold Index Button

$12.50 $11.25