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    California Faucet & Shower Parts

    California Faucets Bath and Shower Faucet Repair Parts

    California Faucets Bath and Shower Faucet Repair Parts

    California Bathroom & Shower Faucet Repair Parts

    New York Replacement Parts is proud to be a distributor of California bathroom and shower faucet repair parts for over 15 years. We have an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable staff that will help you find all the California Faucets parts you need.

    We carry a large selection of California bathroom and shower valve parts for California's new and older model faucets and shower valves. If you need a Thermostatic Cartridge for your shower valve we have them. We also carry: Cartridges & Stems, Escutcheons, Handles, Diverters, Check & Integral Stops and more! Let New York Replacement Parts be your one stop shop for all your California faucet and shower repairs. 

    Need some help? Give us a call at (800) 228-4718 or Contact Us and we will be happy to help you find the California parts to repair your Bathroom Faucet or Shower valve. When in doubt just include some photos of the California Faucets parts you need and send them to A California Faucets specialist will get back to you with the parts you need to order as fast as they possibly can!
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    California Faucets 37 Escutcheon Porcelain Chrome

    Porcelain Chrome Escutcheon

    California Faucets 44 Porcelain Chrome Fluted Escutcheon

    Porcelain Chrome Fluted Escutcheon

    California Faucets 44-Pvd Polished Brass Fluted Escutcheon

    Polished Brass Fluted Escutcheon

    California Faucets 4702-Pb Polished Brass Escucheon

    California Faucets 47 series polished brass escucheon.

    California Faucets 4702-Pc Chrome Escucheon

    California Faucets 47 series chrome escucheon.
    $48.50 $66.00

    California Faucets 9010-A-Sn 1/2 Ips X 3/8 Comp. Angle Valve. Satin Nickel.

    California 9010-A-SN 1/2 IPS x 3/8 Comp. angle valve. Satin Nickel.
    $31.50 $42.00

    California Faucets 9010-S-Sn 1/2 Ips X 3/8 Comp. Straight Valve. Satin Nickel.

    California 9010-S-SN 1/2 IPS x 3/8 Comp. Straight valve. Satin Nickel.
    $31.50 $42.00

    California Faucets 9014-A-Pn 3/8 Ips X Comp. Angle Valve. Polished Nickel.

    California 9014-A-PN 3/8 IPS x Comp. Angle valve. Polished Nickel.
    $31.50 $42.00

    California Faucets 9014-A-Pvd 3/8 Ips X Comp. Angle Valve. Polished Brass.

    California 9014-A-PVD 3/8 IPS x Comp. Angle valve. Polished Brass.
    $31.50 $42.00

    California Faucets 9066-Pc Spacer Kit Polished Chrome

    Spacer Kit - Chrome
    $15.75 $21.00

    California Faucets 9066-Pn Spacer Kit Polished Nickel

    Spacer Kit
    $21.00 $28.00

    California Faucets 9066-Sn Spacer Kit Satin Nickel

    Spacer Kit -Satin Nickel
    $21.00 $28.00

    California Faucets 9178-Ug-2 Styledrain Plastic Throat Upgrade

    Styledrain Plastic Throat Upgrade

    California Faucets Cart-62 Ceramic Cartridge Single Handle

    Prior To 2011 6201-1 & 2 SGL-HDL Cartridge
    $31.50 $42.00

    California Faucets Cart-Cs-Ltc Ceramic Cartridge Cold

    $20.25 $27.00

    California Faucets Cart-Cs-Rtc Ceramic Cartridge Hot

    $20.25 $27.00

    California Faucets Cart-Ddv Diverter

    $58.50 $78.00

    California Faucets Cart-Dw In Wall Diverter

    In Wall Diverter ( After August 2014 )
    $45.00 $60.00

    California Faucets Cart-Pb Pressure Balancing Cartridge

    $81.75 $109.00

    California Faucets Cart-Pbs Pressure Balance Cartridge

    Pressure Balance Cartridge
    $93.75 $125.00

    California Faucets Cart-Pbs-Ef Cartridge

    $147.75 $197.00

    California Faucets Cart-Pbts-Div Pressure Balancing Diverter Cartridge

    Pressure Balancing Diverter Cartridge
    $60.75 $81.00

    California Faucets Cart-Shdl Single Handle Cartridge (Except Vessel)

    Single Handle Cartridge (Except Vessel)
    $34.50 $46.00

    California Faucets Cart-Vshdl Single Lever Cartridge

    Single Lever Cartridge
    $34.50 $46.00