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    Caroma 218005 Quiet Flow Inlet Valve Kit

    Quiet Flow Inlet Valve Kit

    Caroma 227203 Walvit Outlet Valve Interflow Tube (Without Seal)

    Walvit Outlet Valve Interflow Tube (WITHOUT SEAL)

    Caroma 237006 Remote Mounting Box

    Remote Mounting Box

    Caroma 237702 Pneumatic Hose

    Pneumatic Hose

    Caroma 405019 Walvit Replacement Oring

    Replacement Oring

    Caroma 405038 Top Entry Inlet Valve

    Top entry inlet valve
    $45.00 $60.00

    Caroma 405067 White Raised Button Handle

    White Raised Button Handle

    Caroma 405123 Plug Washer Nut Pack Kit

    Plug washer nut pack kit.

    Caroma 405180 Operating Mechanism

    Operating mechanism
    $28.50 $35.00

    Caroma 405182 Invisi Outlet Valve Seal Kit

    Outlet Valve Seal Kit

    Caroma 415245 10" To 12" Offset Flange

    10" to 12" Offset Flange

    Caroma 416278 Sydney White Low Profile Button Kit

    White Button kit

    Caroma 416281w Sydney White Smart Button Kit

    White Button Kit

    Caroma 687144 Fill Valve

    Fill Valve

    Caroma 687152 Dual Flush Valve

    Dual Flush Valve

    Caroma 687240 Fixing Set

    Fixing Set

    Caroma 687266 Chrome Colonial Button & Bezel (Discontinued)

    Chrome Button & Bezel - DISCONTINUED

    Caroma 687850c Profile Chrome Operating Buttons

    Chrome Operating Buttons

    Caroma 687852c Profile Smart Spout Kit

    Spout Kit

    Caroma 687856 Profile Smart Outlet Fixing Kit

    Outlet Fixing Kit

    Remodeling and updating your home has to begin somewhere, and the bathroom and kitchen are two of the most common places to start. That's perfectly understandable, since your bathroom sees a lot of daily use. It's also a great place to unwind and relax, so people are often willing to go to some expense in order to make the most out of their bathrooms. Caroma plumbing parts can help with that work.

    Perhaps, you're updating an older home and bathroom. The plumbing in older homes is notorious for needing repair and upkeep, so modernizing your bathroom could likely save you a lot of frustration. Caroma plumbing products can be used to upgrade your existing plumbing to more contemporary standards. That could be a great first step in delivering the bathroom that you've always wanted.