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    Grohe 45882000 Ceramic Cartridge

    Ceramic Cartridge Hot
    $30.10 $43.00

    Grohe 46173Sd0 Pull Out Spray

    Pull out spray- RealSteel (Stainless Steel)
    $173.60 $248.00

    Grohe 47725000 Handle Adapter

    Handle Adapter
    $19.60 $28.00

    Grohe 47722000 Pressure Balance Valve Lever

    Pressure Balance Valve Lever- Chrome
    $46.20 $66.00

    Grohe 47220000 Thermo-Element 3/4"

    Thermo-Element 3/4"
    $190.40 $272.00

    Grohe 12510000 Non-Return Valve 3/4"

    Non-Return Valve 3/4"
    $39.20 $56.00

    Grohe 46573000 Pull Out Spray

    Pull Out Spray- Chrome
    $130.20 $186.00

    Grohe 05334000 Support Plate

    Support Plate
    $9.80 $14.00

    Grohe 46137000 Double ball vacuum breaker

    Double ball vacuum breaker
    $48.30 $69.00

    Grohe 28151 Relexaflex 59" Non-Metallic Hose

    Grohe 28151 Relexaflex 59" Non-Metallic Hose.
    From $56.70

    Grohe 04907000 Escutcheon Holder

    Escutcheon Holder Chrome
    $37.10 $53.00

    Grohe 45055000 Handle Connection Kit

    Replacement Handle Connection Kit
    $8.40 $12.00

    Grohe 45701000 Mounting Kit

    Mounting Kit
    $21.70 $31.00

    Grohe 07146000 1/2" Cartridge

    1/2" Cartridge
    $11.90 $17.00

    Grohe 07038000 Extension (1-9/16")

    Extension (1-9/16")- * DISCONTINUED ITEM *
    $104.30 $149.00

    Grohe 47373000 Non-Return Valve and Shut-Off

    Non-Return Valve and Shut-Off
    $95.90 $137.00

    Grohe 07653000 1/2" Stop Ring

    1/2" Stop Ring
    $23.10 $33.00

    Grohe 0315400m Flow Straightener

    Flow Straightener
    $11.90 $17.00

    Grohe 0700200m Dirt Strainer

    Dirt Strainer
    $15.40 $22.00

    Grohe 47621000 3-Way Diverter Valve & Trim

    3-Way Diverter Valve & Trim
    $11.20 $16.00

    Grohe 05380000 Guide Ring

    Guide Ring * DISCONTINUED ITEM *
    $11.90 $17.00

    Grohe 47297000 Stop Ring

    Stop Ring- Discontinued Item Limited Stock Available
    $21.00 $30.00

    Grohe 46312Sd0 Pull-Out Spray

    Pull-Out Spray - RealSteel (Stainless Steel)
    $77.00 $110.00

    Grohe 45324000 Plug

    Plug- Chrome
    $23.10 $33.00
    Look no further than to Grohe if you're looking for top of the line, innovative, kitchen faucets as well as award winning shower and bathroom faucet collections using industry leading technologies. Grohe has been producing professional quality faucet taps and fixtures for 10 years, so you know when deciding to replace your fixture, choosing to go with a Grohe product is a premium replacement. Did you also know that Grohe manufactures wall hung carriers for an elegant way to mount your toilet to the wall. When choosing a wall carrier choose a name you know you can trust for the highest level of craftsmanship.

    Faucet Parts

    If you're looking for parts for your Grohe bathroom or kitchen faucet we have a great selection of stems and ceramic cartridges as well as single lever cartridges, kitchen faucet spray heads, spray hoses and supply hoses. Need to replace your handles or need handle parts we have them as well. Have a leaking aerator? We have a good selection of those for different model faucets. Everything you need to repair your Grohe faucets.

    Shower Parts

    Does your Grohe shower not mix the water right? Does it seem stuck on hot or cold? It's probably time to start replacing some parts. If your shower needs check or integral stops we have those as well as thermostatic, single lever and ceramic cartridges. Is your handle, face plate, escutcheon or trim broken or worn? We have replacements for those to get your Grohe shower looking new and the parts to keep it working like new.

    Wall Hung Carriers and Parts

    Do you need parts for your Grohe wall hung carrier? Are you looking for the whole carrier? We have a great selection of carriers and wall hung carrier parts. Looking for flll valves or flush valves we have a great assortment of those. If you need flush elbows or connectors we have them in different sizes as well as many other Grohe wall hung carrier parts. 

    Grohe Faucet, Shower and Wall Hung Carrier Parts
    Need some help? Give us a call at (800) 228-4718 or Contact Us and we will be happy to help.