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    For Josam NYW-785000 Y-210 Head Nut

    Head Nut

    B&K 888-560 4" Stem Assembly

    4" Stem Assembly
    $7.96 $8.38

    Arrowhead Pk8010 Stem Assembly

    Stem Assembly for Series 10 450
    $13.28 $16.60

    Hydrant Trk1 17/16 X 18" Brass Threaded Rod

    Brass Threaded Rod 17/16 x 18" Long (Includes 2 Brass Nuts & LOCTITE)

    For Zurn NYW-683162 Operating Block

    Operating Block

    Arrowhead Pk9012v Replacement Stem

    Replacement Stem for Series 12 490
    $15.26 $19.02

    Arrowhead Pk2010 Stem Assembly

    Stem Assembly Replacement
    $22.84 $28.56

    Woodford Rk-40sc Model 40sc Self Close Repair Kit

    Model 40SC Self Close Repair Kit
    $2.66 $3.55

    Prier Pr-392-4005 Stem

    $80.05 $94.18

    B&K 889-558 8" Frost Free Repair Kit

    8" Frost Free Repair Kit
    $19.05 $20.06

    Zurn 66955-203-9

    Repair kit
    $155.25 $207.00

    Woodford Rk-122vb Vacuum Breaker Float Kit

    Vacuum Breaker Float Kit
    $1.39 $1.85

    Arrowhead Pk1300 Loose Key Handle

    Loose Key Handle
    $4.34 $5.68

    Jay R. Smith Hprk-21 Hydrant Parts Repair Kit

    Hydrant Parts Repair Kit
    $80.30 $192.00

    For Nibco Hy-2000 Repair Kit

    HY-2000 Frost Free Repair Kit

    Woodford Rk-14/17mh

    $2.66 $3.55

    B&K 888-570hc 4" Stem Assembly

    4" Stem Assembly
    $17.65 $18.58

    Josam 71600p14u REPAIR KIT

    $113.92 $142.40

    Wade Wk17 Hydrant Repair Kit


    Woodford Rk-65 Repair Kit

    Repair Kit
    $36.64 $48.85

    Prier C-144kt-806 Vacuum Breaker Replacement Kit

    Vacuum Breaker
    $5.34 $6.28

    Arrowhead Pk7010 Replacement Stem

    Replacement Stem Series 470
    $20.35 $25.44

    Wade Wk11 Hydrant Repair Kit (Major)

    Wade hydrant kit (MAJOR)

    For Josam NYW-683202 Worm Sleeve

    Worm Sleeve 3/8 Sweat Connection

    Hydrant Parts

    Hydrant Parts. Replace your old, worn and damaged hydrant parts with new hydrant parts from NYRPCorp and get your hydrants performing like new.

    This category is for you if you do not know the manufacturer or the part number for the hydrant part you are looking for. It contains hydrant parts from all the hydrant manufacturers so you can easily browse all our hydrant parts by category.

    If you know the manufacturer or the part number for the hydrant part you need you can find it faster by:

    Selecting the manufacturer from the menu on the left. Use the search box to search part numbers and descriptions.