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    Faucet Check Valves

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    Hansa 59911878 Vacuum Breaker (Discontinued)

    Vacuum Breaker - DISCONTINUED
    $7.20 $9.00

    Kohler 1191772-Bc Assembly Filter Check Valve

    Assembly Filter Check Valve
    $33.68 $44.90

    Franke F0903 Check Valve

    Check Valve for Fhps100 Ffps1300
    $8.78 $13.50

    Hansa 59633801 Vacuum Breaker Repair Kit

    Vacuum Breaker Repair Kit
    $24.50 $31.00

    Kohler 1034355 Check Valve Kit

    Check Valve Kit
    $2.85 $3.80

    Hansa 5349651 Vacuum Breaker

    Vacuum Breaker
    $30.00 $38.00

    Kohler 1108711 Spacer Assembly

    Kohler spacer assembly.
    $7.65 $10.20

    Moen 101707 Vacuum Breaker Hub Kit

    Vacuum Breaker Hub Kit
    $13.05 $17.40

    Kwc Z.500.476 Backflow Preventer

    Backflow Preventer D15
    $7.80 $13.00

    Kwc Z.534.034 Backflow Preventor

    BackFlow Preventor M16/M14
    $12.00 $20.00

    Kohler 59787 Back Flow Preventer

    Back flow preventer
    $91.50 $122.00

    Franke F0904 Check Valve

    Check Valve for Ffps200
    $8.78 $13.50

    Wolverine Brass 85521 Pullout Spray Vacuum Breaker Check Valve

    Pullout Spray Vacuum Breaker Check Valve

    Franke 40010 Vacuum Breaker (Discontinued)

    $34.00 $40.00

    Kohler 30482 Backflow Preventor

    $50.48 $67.30

    Kohler 1110619 Vacuum Breaker

    Vacuum Breaker
    $9.22 $12.30

    Hamat 1-3115 Check Valve

    $18.00 $20.00

    Franke F2410 Check Valve

    Check Valve
    $10.73 $16.50

    Kwc Z.532.255 Backflow Preventer

    Backflow Preventer D14
    $6.60 $11.00

    Franke 10.122 Compression Fitting

    Compression Fitting
    $16.15 $19.00

    Kohler 1046100 Filter Check Valve

    Filter Check Valve
    $6.08 $8.10

    Grohe 08565000 Non-Return Valve

    Non-Return Valve
    $9.80 $14.00

    Price Pfister 951-1750 Dual Check Valve

    Dual Check Valve
    $7.63 $10.17

    Kohler 56436 Float Assembly

    Float assembly
    $6.52 $8.70

    Kitchen faucet check valves and vacuum breakers

    New York Replacement Parts stocks dozens of kitchen faucet check valves, vacuum breakers and back flow preventors from all the major faucet manufacturers. Replace your leaking, worn and corroded faucet check valves with new kitchen faucet check valves and get your kitchen faucets working again.

    There are several different names these parts go by for the different manufacturers, check valves, back flow preventors or vacuum breakers, but they all accomplish the same thing. They prevent dirty, contaminated water from going back into your water lines when the water is shut down or drained from the system keeping your drinking water clean and fresh.

    Kitchen faucet check valves, vacuum breakers and back flow preventors in stock now