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    Customer Testimonials

    Customer Testimonials

    Many customers have had a great experience with New York Replacement Parts.

    Have you also had a great experience with New York Replacement Parts? Send us an email at Customer Service with your testimonial and order details and we will have you listed here as well.

    Thank you to all,
    The staff at New York Replacement Parts Corp.

    Bruce R., Canada, 12/14/2012

    "I installed the part yesterday and my shower now works great. Thanks very much eh!"

    Karen H., New Jersey, 12/17/2012

    "Thank you so much for your prompt delivery... The part I ordered was perfect!!!"

    Gene and Lois H., Iowa, 12/18/2012

    "What terrific service – Thank you - the new part is already installed!"

    Graham S., Colorado, 12/21/2012

    "Order arrived quickly, parts all fit. Was exactly what I needed..."

    Tommy T., North Dakota, 1/2/2013

    "NY Replacement Parts, Yes. I received my order. It was properly packed, and undamaged. It arrived on time. The parts were exactly as you represented, in perfect condition. I appreciate your help, and will do business with you again. Thank you."

    Al and Mary D., Washington, 2/1/2013

    "Just got my porcelain Price-Pfister replacement knob. Just the one I needed. Your website catalog made it easy to be confident it was going to be."

    Toni T., Connecticut, 2/8/2013

    "Thank you for you quick delivery!"

    Barry C., Virginia, 2/28/2013

    "Ah, I received my order Yesterday! All in good order, already replaced in faucet, works Great. You folks are Very Very Good. Thank you, Barry."

    Miguel C., Florida, 3/19/2013

    "Thanks so much!!! I received my part yesterday and immediately installed it without issue. My wife is happy our Master Bath is now fully functional once again. Your response and product was top notch. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends and family. Thanks again and take care."

    Gregory N., Illinois, 3/28/2013

    "Ah, I received my order Yesterday! All in good order, already replaced in faucet, works Great. You folks are Very Very Good. Thank you, Barry."

    George S., Pennsylvania, 4/3/2013

    "Items received and installed today. All worked perfectly. Thanks for all your help. George."

    Wayne D., Florida, 4/11/2013

    "I got my shower trim and installed it today... fit like a glove... my wife says Thank you New York Replacement Parts. Wayne."

    Martin P., Michigan, 4/17/2013

    "Delivered and working! Thanks, Martin."

    Dave M., California, 4/18/2013

    "Good Service -- Thanks! Dave."

    Eddie K., Hawaii, 12/5/2013

    "Thank you so much for your prompt delivery and great prices. I received my order this past weekend all the way from NY to Maui. Shower is working now and my wife and I are well pleased. You put in a lot of effort for such a small part which gives testimony to your outstanding company. From my house to yours, and Mele Kalikimaka and Hauoli Makahiki Hou (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year). Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank you very much!). Eddie K."

    Jeff U., New York, 12/15/2013

    "Good morning. I just wanted to say thank you for your super efforts in getting a Franke Spray Faucet to me. Actually it arrived less than 24 hrs after I ordered over the phone. While I won't be seeing my customer until Monday, it was great to see the NYRP box on my doorstep Sat. morning, even during all the holiday delivery madness going on. Thanks again. Happy Holidays. Jeff U."

    Gerald W., New York, 1/22/2014

    "Received it quickly. Installed the flapper valve. Seems to work. Happy customer. Thank you, Jerry."

    Linda T., Montana, 1/28/2014

    "Got them, thanks for your quick shipping! Linda."

    Tom G., Connecticut, 2/15/2014

    "Thank you for all your support and help. I will definately buy from you guys again. Thanks again. Tom."

    Sally B., Connecticut, 2/28/2014

    "Thank you so much for such prompt delivery. Sally."

    Nancy S., Pennsylvania, 3/14/2014

    "The part arrived yesterday morning and has been installed. Works perfectly. Thanks for being so prompt. Nancy S."

    James H., Nevada, 3/14/2014

    "Received. Many thanks. James."

    Geoff W., Canada, 3/18/2014

    "Thanks, The packaged was received and the product has been installed and is working great. Appreciate the follow-up. Best Regards, Geoff."

    Leigh B., New Jersey, 4/8/2014

    "Thanks so much. It has been a pleasure working with you. Leigh B."

    Kathleen W., California, 4/9/2014

    "Thank you for your promptness in mailing this is in and working wonderfully. Great day to you!, Kathleen."

    Pamela C., Vermont, 4/18/2014

    "Just to say you guys rock! Quick awesome service, part fit perfect and my kitchen faucet works again. Hooray! Thank You, Pamela."

    Rafael R., Florida, 4/25/2014

    "Great doing business with you. Rafael."

    Lynne L., New Jersey, 4/25/2014

    "Thank you very much. Excellent and quick service. Appreciate it :)"

    Marius V., California, 6/9/2014

    "Thank you guys! Product arrived on time, I installed it myself, and I now have hot showers again. It was a great experience shopping at nyrpcorp online. Will recommend you! (and use you again). Good customer service too. My emails were answered promptly. You guys rock! Regards Marius V."

    Uzi C., Massachusetts, 6/13/2014

    "Thank you. I have received the part and it is exactly what I needed! It was a pleasure buying from you. Uzi."

    Anthony C., New Jersey, 6/13/2014

    "Thank you for fast shipment!! Anthony."

    Richard H., District of Columbia, 6/16/2014

    "Thank you for the fast delivery!! Richard."

    Connie R., Canada, 6/24/2014

    "Thank you so much for looking after this for me. Have a great day! Connie."

    Eric S., Ohio, 6/27/2014

    "Thank you. Got them today. Great customer service! Will order from you again. Eric S."

    Larry H., Florida, 7/1/2014

    "Thank you for the fast service. Larry."

    Lisa B., Pennsylvania, 7/16/2014

    "Thank you! I received them today - they are a perfect match! Lisa."

    Eric D., St. Thomas, 7/21/2014

    "Thank you for the prompt service, I will definitely use you again! Eric."

    Scott D., Kansas, 8/15/2014

    "Thanks! Received it today! Judi."

    Dave E., Pennsylvania, 8/28/2014

    "The parts that I ordered are installed. My headache is over. I looked for parts all over my area and could not find anything that would work. Just waited to thank you! Dave."

    Zivka S., Wisconsin, 9/9/2014

    "Excellent! Thank you. BTW - I am so excited that I discovered your website! Zivka."

    Glenn Z., Kentucky, 9/16/2014

    "Thanks arrived yesterday it is installed and toilet is working fine. Glen."

    Marlin H., Virginia, 9/17/2014

    "I received the replacement parts. Thanks for your quick service! Marlin."

    Warren K., New York, 9/29/2014

    "I received everything I ordered in good condition. Thanks, Warren."

    Daemion N., New York, 10/21/2014

    "Worked like a charm. Thanks very much... Daemion."

    Raymond S., New York, 10/23/2014

    "Thank you. I appreciate your efforts, and your communication back to me. I am starting to find NYRPCorp very helpful in materials that we use. Have a great day! Ray."

    Jayne D., Connecticut, 11/6/2014

    "Thank you, just received as promised and its the right part! Jayne."

    James G., Texas, 11/11/2014

    "Thanks very much for stocking inventory. I will recommend you to all! James."

    Ned H., Connecticut, 11/11/2014

    "Thank you. I received the order. Nice packing job! Ned."

    Thomas G., Washington, 12/9/2014

    "You guys (and gals) are the best!! Went to HD and Lowes, neither had the hose. Went to Moen on line, they wanted 30$$ just for the hose + 12$$ shipping! I ordered this hose from you on Monday late afternoon pacific time, it shipped on Wednesday morning early, got it Friday and installed it in 5 minutes! Thanks for being there! Great... No EXCELLENT customer service! Thomas G."

    Cathi L., New York, 12/13/2014

    "Wow! I already received that part this morning. You guys are fantastic. I live in Westchester now but am moving into city so I will put your name in my contact list so I know where to find you AND I will spread the word about how efficient you are. Many thanks. Cathi."

    Larry M., Florida, 12/16/2014

    "Thank You. And I will definitely recommend you guys to everyone I know that needs parts. I was really surprised on how fast of delivery I got. Thank you again. Larry."

    Dana J., Texas, 12/29/2014

    "Got it fixed it and you guys are awesome! Thanks to Mike for the phone support, it really made a difference in the service experience. Thanks again. I will really recommend you to my friends here in Texas. Dana."

    Torsten A., Maryland, 1/5/2015

    "Order received complete. Thank you for quick processing and shipping! Torsten."

    Anita H., New York, 1/21/2015

    "Hi, This is just to say thank you for fast, accurate, efficient service. I placed the order online early Sunday evening and received the part yesterday afternoon - that was terrific! Sincerely, Anita."

    Rich K., Pennsylvania, 2/5/2015

    "Just received this order and put them in, perfect fit. Thanks for all the help. Thanks again, Rich."

    David M., Ohio, 2/6/2015

    "I want to thank you for the fast turn around on ordering parts from your company. I will for sure keep you company in my file for future reference. Thanks again, Dave."

    Kenneth B., New York, 2/11/2015

    "Thank you... delivered and installed... works perfectly!!! Kenneth."

    James S., North Carolina, 2/12/2015

    "Thank you. Parts are perfect and quickly shipped. Awesome. Have a good weekend. James."

    Dave B., Colorado, 3/3/2015

    "Thank you so very much. Please be assured that I will look to you for any future needs that I may have. Also, thank you for your very prompt response. Dave B."

    John M., Maryland, 3/5/2015

    "U guys were great. Got my pressure balance valve, installed it this am. Showers working!! Thanks, John."

    Robert P., California, 3/5/2015

    "Thank you all for the super fast shipping! Gotta say, you guys really help me keep my plane flying! Thanks again, Bob."

    James M., Hawaii, 3/26/2015

    "Your shipment arrived here today Thurs noon. Mine was a small order, but you gave great service. Thank you, James M."

    William H., New Hampshire, 4/21/2015

    "My order arrived yesterday... Thank you very much for your speedy service. I will not hesitate to order from you again. William."

    Fred S., Washington, 4/30/2015

    "Order received complete, thank you. Excellent service! Fred."

    Peter S., California, 5/2/2015

    "I would like to take a moment and thank New York Replacement Parts for the accurate description and quick delivery of a hard to find part! Thanks."

    Brad R., Canada, 5/13/2015

    "Thank you once again for your excellent customer service! Brad."

    Dave M., Canada, 5/13/2015

    "Successfully received in good condition. Thanks for the update, looking forward to our next transaction! Dave."

    Dave M., Canada, 5/13/2015

    "Thank you, your company is awesome, you had these parts that no one else could get for me. I will definitely keep you in mind for future needs. Thanks, David."

    Kathleen T., Michigan, 6/1/2015

    "Thank you for the positive ordering experience that we had with New York Replacement Parts! Blessings Kathleen."

    Dave M., Massachusetts, 6/24/2015

    "First-time customer of NYRP. After looking elsewhere, found 20-year old Franke parts on your website with no issue. Ordered online Monday, and arrived home Wednesday to find the delivery -- 100% accurately filled and perfectly packed -- on my doorstep. Free shipping to boot. Impressive, and a bit unexpected. Thanks, NYRP -- nice work. I'll be back. Dave."

    Rob A., Texas, 6/30/2015

    "Received on time and in good shape! Thanks! Rob."

    Benzion M., New York, 7/1/2015

    "I received the part and already installed. Working perfectly!! Thanks for the quick service. Benzion."

    Katrina Y., Florida, 7/17/2015

    "I wanted to take the opportunity and let you know how thankful we are that you and your team went out of your way for us. If we have needs you can fill in the future, we would be more than happy to do business with you again. Thanks!!"

    Christopher J., California, 8/12/2015

    "Got it thanks… I will use again for sure. Chris."

    Stephen D., Canada, 9/2/2015

    "Great service - thank you! Stephen."

    Mary and David M., Canada, 9/16/2015

    "Thank you. We have received the package. We were very impressed with the quality of service that your company provided. Thank you!"

    Deborah C., Maine, 9/23/2015

    "Thanks so much! I'll be doing business with you again! Deborah."

    Albert G., Canada, 9/24/2015

    "I've receive the part, thanks... real good service. Albert."

    Michael S., Las Vegas, 9/29/2015

    "Got it. Many thanks for the fast delivery! This is for my elderly parents. You should tell your boss to link up with google shopping so more people can find you! Thanks."

    Wayne L., Montana, 10/26/2015

    "Got it, thanks for the quick shipping. Looking forward to doing business with you in the future. Wayne."

    Joe M., Canada, 11/2/2015

    "Thank you for your prompt service. Sincerely, Joe."

    David W., Indiana, 11/13/2015

    "First time buyer and great experience. Thank you! David."