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    Toilet Parts, Pressure Tanks & Wall Hung Carriers

    Toilet Part Manufacturers stocks toilet repair parts from all the top toilet manufacturers like American Standard, Kohler, Gerber, TOTO, Geberit, Duravit, Briggs/Case, Caroma and many others. We carry just about every toilet part for every model of toilet made. If you are looking for the main parts to a toilet or the little, hard to find toilet parts, we carry them all for just about every toilet manufacturer in existence and some that are no longer in business.

    If you need specific toilet parts from a certain toilet manufacturer for a particular model toilet we have them in stock and ready to ship. Depending upon whether you have a one piece toilet or a two piece tank and bowl toilet will determine what parts you need for your particular manufacturers toilet. Most one piece toilets are very specific in the parts they need but there are some cases for two piece toilets where some parts of the toilet can be replaced by another manufacturers toilet parts. For instance some toilet fill valves for certain manufacturers can be replaced by a Fluidmaster fill valve and some manufacturer flappers can be replaced by Korki flappers made for that manufacturers toilet.

    Types of Toilet Parts

    Toilet PartsThere are many different types of toilet parts but the main ones are the fill valve, flush valve, flapper and toilet handle. The fill valve fills the toilet tank with water. By pushing the toilet handle you raise the flapper and release the tank water through the flush valve. stocks almost every toilet part for every toilet made. There are other toilet parts as well like toilet parts for setting your toilet. These types of parts include, bolt caps and mounting bolts as well as wax gaskets and other types of seals such as waste outlets and toilet trapways. If you have a two piece toilet there are, again, other toilet part types to connect the tank with the bowl such as close coupling kits and gaskets.

    Toilet Repair Parts
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