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Fill Valves

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New York Replacement Parts stocks quality toilet fill valves from all the leading toilet fill valve manufacturers including American Standard, Briggs, Duravit, Geberit, Kohler, TOTO and more.

There are several different types of toilet fill valves. Two of the most common are float and rod and positive shut off fill valves. Fluidmaster fill valves are a great example of positive shut off fill valves with the float built onto the fill valve. Mansfield type fill valves are a great exapmple of float and rod fill valves.

  1. Float and Rod Fill Valves - Common issues with float and rod fill valves include the toilet fill valve not shutting off leaving a slight hissing sound. This can be caused by worn internal parts, bad water level adjustment where the water is oveflowing the overflow tube, a loose rod that has been bent to adjust the water level in the tank or a worn flapper that is slowly leaking water into the bowl. In all cases but the flapper you should repair or replace your toilet fill valve. If it's the flapper replace the flapper and check the flush valve as well for damage to the seat area where the flapper sits.
  2. Positive Shut Off Fill Valves - A positive shut off fill valve will shut off completely when the water level in the tank reaches the set level. There is usually a screw to set the desired water level. If your fill valve will not shut off the diaphram inside the fill valve may be damaged in which case you should replace the fill valve. Other issue may be that the fill valve is not an anti-siphon fill valve. In this instance if the fill tube, that gets placed inside the overflow tube, that fills the bowl with water is below the water level in the tank it will siphon water from the tank causing your fill valve to constantly refill itself.

These are only the two most common types of fill valves. There are many more depending on the manufacturer of your toilet. Where as some two piece toilets can use a variety of fill valves, if you are replacing the fill valve in a one piece toilet it is highly recommeded that you replace it with the exact make and model fill valve for your toilet.

If you are still having issue with your toilet we also recommend you contact your local plumbing contractor who will help solve your toilet issue.

Need some help? Give us a call (800)228-4718 or contact us online. A part specialist will be more than happy to help you find the fill valve that fits your toilet. Send them a picture or two so they may better be able to assist you.

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