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    T&S Brass 000547-25 Pre Rinse Hose Adapter

    Pre Rinse Hose Adapter 1/2 Ips X 3/4-14
    $33.00 $45.60

    T&S Brass 000761-20m Seats

    $5.70 $7.60

    T&S Brass 000763-20 Removable Seat For 1100 Series Faucets

    Removable seat 1100 series faucets
    $2.76 $4.00

    T&S Brass 000764-20 Removable Seat

    Removable seat
    $6.37 $9.80

    T&S Brass 000789-20 Removable Insert

    Removable Insert
    $14.48 $20.40

    T&S Brass 000907-45 Hold Down Ring

    Hold Down Ring
    $4.16 $6.40

    T&S Brass 001019-45 Coupling Washer

    Coupling Washer
    $0.72 $1.10

    T&S Brass 001022-45 Bottom Gasket Eterna Cartridge

    Bottom Gasket
    $0.78 $1.20

    T&S Brass 001041-45 Spreader Body Gasket

    Spreader Body Gasket
    $2.86 $4.40

    T&S Brass 001047-45 Washer

    $2.73 $4.20

    T&S Brass 001121-45 Pre Rinse Sprayer Face

    Pre Rinse Sprayer Face
    $3.83 $5.30

    T&S Brass 001636-45 Lever Handle Cold

    Lever Handle Cold
    $6.08 $8.50

    T&S Brass 001637-45 Lever Handle Hot

    Lever Handle Hot
    $6.08 $8.50

    T&S Brass 006678-45 Dipperwell Bowl

    Dipperwell Bowl
    $88.40 $136.00

    T&S Brass 00aa Flange

    $33.15 $46.00

    T&S Brass 00gg Coupling

    $62.20 $95.70

    T&S Brass 010385-45 3" Strainer

    3" Strainer
    $8.70 $12.20

    T&S Brass 010386-45 3-1/2 "strainer

    3-1/2 "STRAINER
    $8.70 $12.20

    T&S Brass 010388-45 Stopper

    $19.65 $27.40

    T&S Brass 010394-45 Handle

    $25.58 $35.50

    T&S Brass 012534-45 Supply Hose

    $20.25 $28.20

    T&S Brass 013787-45 Ceramic Cartridge Hot Red

    $33.53 $46.60

    Faucets and Repair Parts

    T&S Brass and Bronze Works, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of faucets, specialty products, fittings and accessories for the foodservice, industrial, commercial plumbing and laboratory markets. Since 1947, the company introduced the industry’s first pre-rinse unit, followed by key innovations like the foot pedal valves over the next decade.

    T&S products are highly acclaimed throughout the industry for being well-built, long-lasting and reliable. Rigorous testing and a focus on interchangeability have helped set T&S apart from the competition for over 70 years.

    Today, 200+ employees manufacture products and serve customers from the company’s main headquarters in South Carolina, with many more working behind the scenes at distribution facilities in California and China. Over the past 20 years, T&S has significantly increased its overseas presence, with representatives now selling products world wide.

    T&S is ready to supply their customers need, wherever they are.

    Kitchen Faucets

    T&S Brass Kitchen FaucetsIf your looking to replace your commercial or residential kitchen faucet T&S Brass has many different styles and installation types to choose from. High quality and durable construction are hallmarks of T&S kitchen faucet products.

    Metering Faucets

    T&S Brass Metering FaucetsT&S Brass metering faucets are perfect for large commercial bathrooms and designed to take abuse. Adjustable push button activation will save water and keep your electric costs down. Single supply and 4" to 8" center faucets.

    Bar Faucets

    T&S Brass Bar Sink FaucetsT&S Brass provides a wide assortment of bar faucets. High quality and durablity you can depend on year after year. Whether you have a business or a residence TS Brass bar faucets are an excellent choice.

    Pre-Rinse Faucets

    T&S Brass Pre-Rinse FaucetsHigh performance and durability. That's what you get when you choose a T&S Brass pre-rinse spray valve faucet. From the quality of the brass faucet bodies to the precision of their faucet cartridges, T&S Brass is for professionals.

    Pot and Kettle Fillers

    T&S Brass Pot and Kettle Filler FaucetsT&S Brass pot and kettle fillers offer unsurpassed durability and reliability in the kitchen and make food prep more efficient. Solid brass construction for maximum strength. Choose deck or wall mount with a wide array of spout options.

    Bathroom Faucets

    T&S Brass Bathroom FaucetsT&S Brass bathroom sink faucets are designed for the busy restroom. Solid brass metering or manual faucets available at 4" to 8" mounting centers. Heavy duty, solid brass construction faucets will stand up to years of use and abuse.

    Service Sink Faucets

    T&S Brass Service Sink FaucetsT&S Brass service sink faucets are engineered for high-use, high-abuse commercial applications they feature heavy-duty, solid cast brass construction. Vacuum breaker for back-flow prevention. Perfect for janitorial or maintenance rooms.

    Foot Pedal Valves

    T&S Brass Foot Pedal FaucetsT&S Brass foot pedal valves provide convenient faucet operation. When combined with a gooseneck spout it allows hands free scrubbing from hand to elbow while eliminating contaminates from the faucet surface and faucet handles.

    Fountain Bubblers

    T&S Brass Fountain BubblersT&S Brass glass fillers are durable and safe. Fill cups and glasses quickly with a T&S Brass push glass filler faucet. The T&S Brass family of glass fillers, bubblers can be added to sink locations or used to replace bubblers on older fountains.

    Laboratory Faucets

    T&S Brass Laboratory FaucetsT&S Brass offers a complete line of laboratory faucets. Standard gooseneck faucets and combination fittings with serrated hose nozzles for easy hose connection to the spout. T&S Brass high quality manufacturing.

    Service Stops

    T&S Brass Service Stop ValvesT&S Brass provides a wide assortment of service stops that are designed and manufactured with the same quality standards as our faucets. When you need to service your faucet turn them off with T&S Brass service stops.

    Repair Parts

    T&S Brass Faucet Repair PartsT&S Brass parts and components for faucets and pre-rinse systems. We have every part you'll need to keep them running perfect. High quality T&S Brass repair parts ensure your faucets are always working perfect.

    T&S Brass Faucets and Parts
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