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    T&S Brass Faucets & Parts

    T&S Brass Commercial Faucets & Faucet Repair Parts

    T&S Brass Commercial Faucets & Faucet Repair Parts

    T&S Brass Replacement Faucets

    New York Replacement Parts is proud to be a distributor of T&S Brass faucets for over 30 years. We have an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable staff that will help you find the right T&S Brass faucet for your commercial kitchens and bathrooms, large or small.

    We carry a large selection of T&S Brass faucets including: Service Sink, Electronic, Emergency, Hose Reel, Lab & Medical, Metering, Pedal Valve, Pot & Kettle, Pre-Rinse and so many more for all commercial bathroom and kitchen applications including: Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Office, Government and Entertainment bathroom facilities. Whether you need 1 or 100 T&S Brass faucets we carry them all in many different configurations to suit your needs. Let New York Replacement Parts be your one stop shop for all your T&S Brass faucet replacements.

    T&S Brass Faucet Repair Parts

    We also stock a large inventory of T&S Brass faucet Repair Parts for every faucet they make, new models and old models alike. Some of the faucet repair parts we carry include: Cartridges & Stems, Faucet Spouts, Handles, Spray Valves, Spray Valve Parts, Mounting Kits and so much more! We have everything you will ever need to repair your T&S Brass faucet.

    Need some help? Give us a call at (800) 228-4718 or Contact Us and we will be happy to help you find the TS Brass faucet or repair parts to repair or replace your faucet. When in doubt just include some photos of the TS Brass parts you need and send them to A T&S Brass faucet specialist will get back to you with the parts you need to order as fast as they possibly can!
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    326 products found.

    T&S Brass 000547-25 Pre Rinse Hose Adapter

    Pre Rinse Hose Adapter 1/2 Ips X 3/4-14
    $33.00 $45.60

    T&S Brass 000761-20m Seats

    $5.70 $7.60

    T&S Brass 000763-20 Removable Seat For 1100 Series Faucets

    Removable seat 1100 series faucets
    $2.76 $4.00

    T&S Brass 000764-20 Removable Seat

    Removable seat
    $6.37 $9.80

    T&S Brass 000789-20 Removable Insert

    Removable Insert
    $14.48 $20.40

    T&S Brass 000907-45 Hold Down Ring

    Hold Down Ring
    $4.16 $6.40

    T&S Brass 001019-45 Coupling Washer

    Coupling Washer
    $0.72 $1.10

    T&S Brass 001022-45 Bottom Gasket Eterna Cartridge

    Bottom Gasket
    $0.78 $1.20

    T&S Brass 001041-45 Spreader Body Gasket

    Spreader Body Gasket
    $2.86 $4.40

    T&S Brass 001047-45 Washer

    $2.73 $4.20

    T&S Brass 001121-45 Pre Rinse Sprayer Face

    Pre Rinse Sprayer Face
    $3.83 $5.30

    T&S Brass 001636-45 Lever Handle Cold

    Lever Handle Cold
    $6.08 $8.50

    T&S Brass 001637-45 Lever Handle Hot

    Lever Handle Hot
    $6.08 $8.50

    T&S Brass 006678-45 Dipperwell Bowl

    Dipperwell Bowl
    $88.40 $136.00

    T&S Brass 00aa Flange

    $33.15 $46.00

    T&S Brass 00gg Coupling

    $62.20 $95.70

    T&S Brass 010385-45 3" Strainer

    3" Strainer
    $8.70 $12.20

    T&S Brass 010386-45 3-1/2 "strainer

    3-1/2 "STRAINER
    $8.70 $12.20

    T&S Brass 010388-45 Stopper

    $19.65 $27.40

    T&S Brass 010394-45 Handle

    $25.58 $35.50

    T&S Brass 012534-45 Supply Hose

    $20.25 $28.20

    T&S Brass 013787-45 Ceramic Cartridge Hot Red

    $33.53 $46.60