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    Welcome to the New

    New Website Launched

    New York Replacement Parts Corp. ( is pleased to announce the launch of our new, modern, mobile responsive, website with enhanced features and search capabilities. There have been a lot of changes to the website for this latest edition that we believe will help you find your products easier and shop faster. Please read on to learn about all the new features and enhancements to our newest website for the rest of 2016 and beyond.

    Enhanced Home Page Layout

    The first thing you'll notice is our greatly enhanced home page designed to bring you a broader selection of products right from the get go. Right now it's the beginning of heating season for all you Homeowners, Building Superintendants, Residential Managers and Property Managers so from now to the end of Heating Season we will be focusing on bringing you the best Heating Supplies and Heating Supply specials we have to offer.

    Right now we're offering 10% off select heating products which can be found under October Deals. Each month we will be changing the deals for the month but continue to focus on heating supplies until the end of heating season. After that we'll switch to Spring Deals geared towards getting your homes and buidings ready for all the summer parties we're sure you'll have.

    Greatly Enhanced Category Menu

    Probably the greatest enhancement to the site is the new category menu layout. It was designed to bring all the sub-categories together for a particalar main category such as Bathroom or Kitchen. Right away you'll notice that just about everything having to do with a bathroom or kitchen can be found simply by hovering over the main category. No more navigating from category to category trying to find what you're looking for. Everything is now in the same place helping you to more easily navigate the site and find exactly what you're looking for which will allow you to shop much faster.

    Manufacturer and Category Filtering

    • Search Pages - You can now filter the products by price, category and manufacturer.
    • Manufacturer Pages - You can now filter products by price and manufacturer.
    • Category Pages with Products - You can now filter the products by price and manufacturer.
    • Category Pages with Products - Filter even further using the on page Category Search Box.

    What does all this mean for you? Now you can find the products you need much simpler, and faster, than ever before. Less categories to comb through using the new enhanced category menu, filters and search capabilities, and much less time spent building an order.

    New Webhost and Modern Website

    We recently switched webhosts to an outstanding platform host in Liquidweb Web Hosting. Liquidweb hosts sites from some of the largest companies from around the world. View Liquidweb's Client List. Our servers are now rock solid, with greater security and enhancements to speed up the new websites page load times and keep all your personal data secure. We've upgraded our SSL certificate to 256 bit SSL security. You can rest assured, when ordering from, your transaction data and personal information is more sucure than ever before.

    What's To Come

    We will be continually adding new features, products and specials to the website. It was a long time since our last blog post but we now have a lot to talk about so hopefully we can add new blog posts and news topics more regularly to keep you up to date with the wbesite and events happening at New York Replacement Parts. Features we might be adding in the near future.

    • Rewards Point Program - You came, you purchased. Then you came back and purchased again and again. Shouldn't you be rewarded for that? We think so. The company is in discussion on how best to implement the Rewards Point Program. This feature should be implemented soon.
    • FAQ Page - With common questions and answers related to the site, ordering, shipping and more.
    • Facebook Shopping Page - We will be adding a shopping page to our NYRPCorp Facebook Page allowing you to shop right from our Facebook page. We will also be designating an employee to monitor Facebook and reply to all your questions just in case you find that easier than the website.

    We hope you enjoy the new website. All the folks at New York Replacement Parts.

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