Shipping \ Returns

Please review the below shipping policy rules and restrictions.

New York Replacement Parts makes every attempt to get you your package in the least amount of time possible. Our primary shipping methods are USPS and FEDEX and we use them interchangeably.

  • In-stock items are shipped same day, order placed before 3:00pm EST., or next business day if Sunday.
  • Some orders may be dropped shipped from the manufacturer.
  • FEDEX orders over $100.00 may require signature release from FEDEX.
  • All order re-routing is the responsibility of the customer once an order has shipped.
  • Free shipping within the USA, including Alaska, Hawaii and US territories only on orders $99+.
  • Canadian residents are responsible for any charges incurred at the border.
  • Shipments that you have not received must be traced by the carrier before a new item can be shipped out to you. In some instances a new item may be shipped to you before we receive the returned items back. Please call 800.228.4718 for more information.
  • All packages that are refused delivery or are delivered back to our warehouse because of a non-deliverable address may incur a return handling fee of $10.00.
  • All shipping charges are non-refundable unless was in error. If you purchased the wrong product you are responsible for the original shipping charges and all return shipping charges.
  • Some large orders and heavy bulk items may incur additional shipping charges. You will be promptly notified if this situation applies to your order.

Shipping Restrictions

  • All Sloan Flushmate and Ecoflush WDI pressure tanks must be shipped via FEDEX ground and do not apply to the 1 to 3 business day shipping offer. They are to heavy and bulky to ship 1 to 3 business days. You will still get $12.00 shipping to anywhere in the USA or free shipping if your order is $99.00+
  • All Sloan and TOTO soap refills must be shipped FEDEX and do not apply to the 1 to 3 business day shipping offer. They are to heavy and bulky to ship 1 to 3 business days. You will still get $12.00 shipping to anywhere in the USA or free shipping if your order is $99.00+.
  • All cast iron, brass and copper fittings may need to be shipped FEDEX ground and do not apply to the 1 to 3 business day shipping offer. They are to heavy and bulky to ship 1 to 3 business days. You will still get $12.00 shipping to anywhere in the USA or free shipping if your order is $99.00+ but it will depend on the quantity ordered.
  • You will be promptly notified if anything you order has a shipping restriction attached to it.

In-Stock Product Policy (Products Marked In-Stock)

All products marked as in-stock are usually in-stock 96% of the time. So what does that mean? It means controlling inventory for a website and 4 retail locations is a little tricky. Occassionally, about 4% of the time, orders placed on the website for items marked in-stock may actually be out of stock. This may occur for several reasons:

  • You placed an order for an item before website and actual inventory have synced.
  • We expected a delivery, from the distributor or manufacturer, that has been delayed due to weather or other issues out of our control.
  • After you placed the website order, and usually within minutes, one of the retail locations sold that inventory before your order was sent to fulfillment. This happens the most frequently where the website said in-stock but at fulfillment the product is no longer in stock.
  • Where products say they are in-stock is not a 100% guarantee to you that the product is in fact in-stock. It is our best estimate that the prodeuct is or will be in-stock when your order reaches the warehouse for fulfillment. We do our absolute best to try and keep inventory levels in line with the website but we just can't guarantee that 100% of the time with inventory that changes rapidly on a daily and sometimes hourly or even minute basis.

Free Shipping Details

Order SUBTOTAL, after any discounts, must be $99.00 or more. This means if your order subtotal is $99.00 or more and you apply a discount of 5%, which would be $4.95, would bring your SUBTOTAL to $94.05, you would be charged the $12.00 shipping fee. In this scenario you would be better off with just the free shipping where you would save $12.00 as opposed to $4.95. Unfortunately we just cannot give both the $12.00 Shipping and the discount in this scenario.

The second scenario would be this. Your order SUBTOTAL is $350.00 and your discount is 5%. The discount would be $17.50 bringing your order subtotal to $332.50. In this scenario your order would qualify for BOTH Free Shipping and the 5% discount. We have determined that an order SUBTOTAL of $99.00+ gives us enough margin to where we can give both discounts. Any questions please call 800.228.4718.

If your order falls into the first scenario it will be up to you whether to choose a discount or the free shipping discount.

Shipping destination MUST be within the USA including Alaska and Hawaii. The offer also applies to most US territories. If, after selecting the United States from the dropdown menu at checkout, your territory is listed in the Select a state dropdown menu then your territory qualifies for the free shipping offer.

Free Shipping Restrictions

Some very large orders and some very heavy bulky orders will not qualify for free shipping. These are usually large bulk orders where the customer has called for bulk pricing and we determined that the free shipping cannot apply, but occasionally these orders fall through the cracks where the customer did not call and just placed the order. In this situation we will call you promptly to notify you that your order does not qualify for free shipping. 99% of all orders over $99.00 qualify for the free shipping offer but if you're not sure of your order qualifying because it is large and heavy please do not hesitate to call 800.228.4718. We are always here to help you.

1 to 3 Business Day Shipping Details

Shipping is 1 to 3 business days and the shipping destination MUST be in the USA. Alaska and Hawaii are included in this Shipping Offer at No Additional charge. Some US territories are also included in this offer. After selecting United States from the dropdown menu you will need to select a state from the Select a state dropdown menu. If your US territory is listed the offer applies.

  • Some orders placed on Friday may not ship until the following Monday as some of our warehouses are closed on Saturday depending on the time of year. We will do our best to get your shipment out on Friday if you ordered Friday.
  • 3 business days does not include the day of order which is a processing and packing day but as stated we will still try to get your order out on Friday.
  • If your order sub-total (excluding shipping) totals $99.00+ you will receive FREE 1 to 3 Business Day Shipping.
  • Some orders to the mid-west and west coast, that qualify for free shipping, may need to be shipped FEDEX and may not arrive in 1 to 3 business days. NYRPCorp reserves the right to ship FEDEX in these instances. Not to worry though. The percentage of these special shipments is very small.

1 to 3 Business Day Shipping Restrictions

Below are the restrictions for 1 to 3 business day shipping. These restrictions will be shipped FedEx ground and the estimated delivery date is 2 to 5 business days depending upon where you live.

These items are just too heavy to ship in 1 to 3 business days.

  • Sloan \ Flushmate pressure tanks
  • Eco Flush \ WDI pressure tanks.
  • All Sloan soap dispenser refills.
  • All General Wire Floor Model Drain Cleaners.
  • NYRPCorp will occasionally Drop Ship some out of stock items directly from the manufacturer. Unfortunately these items do not apply to the 1 to 3 Business day shipping.

Need some help? Give us a call at (800) 228-4718 or Contact Us and we will be happy to help.

We really do have a lenient return policy! All we ask in regards to returns is that you make every effort to get the parts back to us as soon as possible and that you return the parts exactly the way you received them. In new condition with all parts, any literature and packaging. The below policy is so that we have at least some remedies available for situations that arise. Please be sure to read the complete guidelines below so there is no misunderstanding as there are some restrictions on certain items for return. Thank you!

Return Policy (RMA)

All returns need to be approved by If you need to return an order or just some items you must call or email us within 30 days of purchase at:

Request an RMA:
By phone: 800.228.4718
By email:

Returns without an RMA may not be processed for return and/or refund. If we receive parts back without an RMA we reserve the right to either not process the return for refund or we may charge a 15% restocking fee at our discretion.

Returns with an RMA that are received after 30 days from RMA issue date may be charged a 15% restocking fee at the sole discretion of This does not necessarily mean you will be charged a 15% restocking fee automatically. All we are asking is that you make every effort to return the part within 30 days from RMA issue date but we reserve the right to charge the restocking fee if necessary.

Criteria for return acceptance by We only sell brand new plumbing and heating supplies on our website so we would like the returns in the same condition you received them.

  • All returns must have an RMA issued within 30 days of delivery.
  • All returns must be in original packaging with all printed media enclosed.
  • All items returned must be uninstalled, new and in sellable condition.
  • Part kits must contain all the parts that came in the kit.
  • Thermostatic & pressure balancing cartridges will only carry a 30-day warranty unless stated otherwise by the manufacturer.
  • No returns on tools.
  • No returns on special order items.
  • No returns on electrical equipment and components.
  • No returns on toilet seats or toilet seat parts.
  • No returns of Flushmate and Eco Flush Pressure tanks.

There will be no refunds or credit for installed and/or used parts returned unless the parts are deemed defective.

Defective Products

  • Defective products may be exchanged within 14 Days of delivery (10 business days).
  • Defective items may only be exchanged for the same item.
  • No refunds on defective items. Exchange only. No exceptions.
  • Exchange for defective items will not be given until the defective items are returned. There are some exceptions. Please call 800-228-4718 for more info if you have a defective part.
  • Some items may need inspection by the manufacturer before an exchange is issued. We do not have testing facilities to, say, test a returned shower thermostatic cartridge that sells for $600. Say it has been installed and it doesn't correct the issue. It doesn't necessarily mean the cartridge is defective as there are other parts to a shower that may be defective that make it seem like the cartridge is bad. Like check valves etc. Now we have a used $600 cartridge that works perfectly but we can't resell it because it has been used. Please, if you are unsure what the issue is with the fixture you are having problems with have a professional plumber take a look at it.

Parts damaged during return. New York Replacement Parts will not be responsible for parts damaged during return unless we accidentally shipped you the wrong parts to begin with. If you ordered the wrong parts and they get damaged during return we cannot be held responsible and you will need to contact the carrier for any remedy.

Need some help? Give us a call at (800) 228-4718 or Contact Us and we will be happy to help.