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    0 Facebook Shopping App Launched!

    Facebook Shopping App!

    New York Replacement Parts ( is pleased to announce the launch of our new Facebook Shopping App. While you're on Facebook shop right from the convenience of our Facebook Shopping App. Get all the details on all our great Plumbing and Heating Supplies as well as Bathroom Faucet, Kitchen Faucet and Shower Parts and so much more without ever having to leave Facebook. The only time you need to leave Facebook is to complete your transaction when you find something you need. If you can't find it on our Facebook Shopping App be sure to checkout our website, call (800) 228-4718 toll free or send us an email at

    Facebook 5% Discount

    That's right! As a welcome to all of our new Facebook customers, who register before checkout, you will receive a 5% discount by entering this Discount Code: nyrpcorp at checkout. While you're on our Facebook page be sure to checkout the special 10% off deals we've setup for you for the month of November. Save 10% on all American Standard products or Save 10% on these select Heating Supplies. Danfoss, Erie, Holby and Mepco (DB). Unfortunately our system, at this time, will only accept one discount code at a time so please select which discount is right for you. We hope to add multiple discount usage in the future. Each month the special deals will change so be sure to check or our Facebook Page each month to find the new discounts.

    0 November Preview

    Deals and Discounts

    New York Replacement Parts ( would like to take this opportunity to give you a preview of what's upcoming for the month of November. We will continue to focus on bringing you the best discounted Heating Supplies we have to offer as well as another incredible full line sale. At we're committed to bring you great deals and discounts when you need them. Please read on for all the details.

    November's 10% Deals

    We've selected some more great heating supply discounts for the month of November. The Heating Supply discounts for November will be Erie Motorized Valves to keep your HVAC units running optimally. Danfoss Valves and Operator Controls to keep your special application radiators in tip top shape. Mepco (D&B) F&T steam traps, steam trap repair and conversion kits as well as radiator valves and steam traps for your radiators and finally Replacement Holby Tempering Valves and Parts to keep your buildings hot water flowing at just the right temperature.

    November's 10% Full Line Sale

    We've also selected another great manufacturer for our November Full Line Sale. The manufacturer for November's full line sale will be American Standard. If you're looking for American Standard faucet, shower or toilet parts, shower rebuild kits or any American Standard product, will be the place to shop in November. Every American Standard product will be discounted 10% for the month of November. Please come back on November 1st to grab your American Standard discount code.

    We're sure a lot of you will be able to use the discounts and deals we've setup for November but you need to come back to get your American Standard discount code on November 1st which can be used for the entire month of November. Use the discount as many times as you need. If you're looking for Erie, Danfoss, Mepco (D&B) and Holby Valve products don't forget to come back and check out those 10% deals as well.

    We hope you enjoy November's Deals and Discounts. All the folks at New York Replacement Parts.

    0 Welcome to the New

    New Website Launched

    New York Replacement Parts Corp. ( is pleased to announce the launch of our new, modern, mobile responsive, website with enhanced features and search capabilities. There have been a lot of changes to the website for this latest edition that we believe will help you find your products easier and shop faster. Please read on to learn about all the new features and enhancements to our newest website for the rest of 2016 and beyond.

    Enhanced Home Page Layout

    The first thing you'll notice is our greatly enhanced home page designed to bring you a broader selection of products right from the get go. Right now it's the beginning of heating season for all you Homeowners, Building Superintendants, Residential Managers and Property Managers so from now to the end of Heating Season we will be focusing on bringing you the best Heating Supplies and Heating Supply specials we have to offer.

    Right now we're offering 10% off select heating products which can be found under October Deals. Each month we will be changing the deals for the month but continue to focus on heating supplies until the end of heating season. After that we'll switch to Spring Deals geared towards getting your homes and buidings ready for all the summer parties we're sure you'll have.

    Greatly Enhanced Category Menu

    Probably the greatest enhancement to the site is the new category menu layout. It was designed to bring all the sub-categories together for a particalar main category such as Bathroom or Kitchen. Right away you'll notice that just about everything having to do with a bathroom or kitchen can be found simply by hovering over the main category. No more navigating from category to category trying to find what you're looking for. Everything is now in the same place helping you to more easily navigate the site and find exactly what you're looking for which will allow you to shop much faster.

    Manufacturer and Category Filtering

    • Search Pages - You can now filter the products by price, category and manufacturer.
    • Manufacturer Pages - You can now filter products by price and manufacturer.
    • Category Pages with Products - You can now filter the products by price and manufacturer.
    • Category Pages with Products - Filter even further using the on page Category Search Box.

    What does all this mean for you? Now you can find the products you need much simpler, and faster, than ever before. Less categories to comb through using the new enhanced category menu, filters and search capabilities, and much less time spent building an order.

    New Webhost and Modern Website

    We recently switched webhosts to an outstanding platform host in Liquidweb Web Hosting. Liquidweb hosts sites from some of the largest companies from around the world. View Liquidweb's Client List. Our servers are now rock solid, with greater security and enhancements to speed up the new websites page load times and keep all your personal data secure. We've upgraded our SSL certificate to 256 bit SSL security. You can rest assured, when ordering from, your transaction data and personal information is more sucure than ever before.

    What's To Come

    We will be continually adding new features, products and specials to the website. It was a long time since our last blog post but we now have a lot to talk about so hopefully we can add new blog posts and news topics more regularly to keep you up to date with the wbesite and events happening at New York Replacement Parts. Features we might be adding in the near future.

    • Rewards Point Program - You came, you purchased. Then you came back and purchased again and again. Shouldn't you be rewarded for that? We think so. The company is in discussion on how best to implement the Rewards Point Program. This feature should be implemented soon.
    • FAQ Page - With common questions and answers related to the site, ordering, shipping and more.
    • Facebook Shopping Page - We will be adding a shopping page to our NYRPCorp Facebook Page allowing you to shop right from our Facebook page. We will also be designating an employee to monitor Facebook and reply to all your questions just in case you find that easier than the website.

    We hope you enjoy the new website. All the folks at New York Replacement Parts.

    0 January to June update. ERP website integration and other updates.

    It's been a while...

        Our apologies for not updating the blog with what has been happening here at New York Replacement Parts ( We have been very busy as our website and overall sales continue to grow. We are also gearing up for some improvements that will start to occur, hopefully, toward the end of this month and into July and August. Here are just a few of the many things happening at Upgrade to ERP software starting EOM or early July. New, improved website, integrated with our new ERP software upgrade. Continuation of adding products and product lines to our online catelog. New Wevertown, NY distribution center has opened and is fully operational although it is now going through a new expansion. We hope to keep you all more informed in the future but we have a lot going on. We will do our best to update the blog as things occur. 

    New upgrade to our ERP software system.

        Last June we upgraded to a newer version of our ERP software and at the time our software vendor promised us an even bigger upgrade to their newest ERP system when it became available. That time is now approaching very fast. Starting at the end of the month or early July our current ERP system is being upgraded... again... to the newest version. Most of the enhancements and new features won't be noticed by the general consumer, accept for greater customer service capabilities, but our employees will see the difference and that will translate, as stated, into a much better customer experience especially for our website consumers and B2B consumers alike. The new software will have enhanced performance, enhanced shipping capabilities, EDI interfacing with our vendors and most importantly integration with our new website. We are continually upgrading our systems so that we can provide all our customers with the best service available. We will have more information on the new ERP upgrade as it becomes available in the future.

    New website and integration with our ERP software... finally.

       We have been discussing this issue in house here for a while. The eCommerce platform we have in place now does not really play well with our new ERP system. Where as we were able to find some software plugins designed for our current eCommerce package to help the process of customer service and shipping they don't fulfill the complete integration we were looking for. We have decided to fully implement a new eCommerce system and website that will be fully integrated with our new ERP system. The eCommerce platform we have decided on will be a custom integration of the well known and highly regarded Magento eCommerce platform. We will be using the latest version of the Magento eCommerce platform that utilizes the latest and most widely used technologies available on the market today. This new integration with our ERP software will enable not just a select few of our B2B customers who signed up for website accounts to purchase with a PO but all of our customers, with credit accounts, as it will be integrated with our ERP database. We will have more on this as information becomes available but we are very excited about this for the future and beyond.

    Parts, parts and more parts...

        We have slowed a tad in the parts and products department but we expect to fully expand this sector again once we complete the website integration and ERP software upgrade. That's not to say we haven't been adding products. We have added about 1,500 products since the last update in January bringing our total to roughly 15,000 products in our online catalog. Believe me when I tell you that's roughly 25% of the products we carry. We fully intend to put all our products online in the future. The new integration will help with that as the new websites inventory will be integrated with the ERP inventory as well.

    New Wevertown, NY distribution center and warehouse.

        Our Wevertown distribution center is now fully operational. Well it's actually been operational for a while but it is now undergoing a warehouse expansion to help ease the growing demand for our products. At we strive to get our customers their orders in the shortest time possible and the new warehouse and distribution center in Wevertown, NY will greatly improve our capability to do so. This brings our footprint to 3 retail locations, 4 including the Manhattan showroom, each with their own stock and shipping capabilities. We also have 2 fully stocked warehouse distribution outlets located in Wevertown and Poughkeepsie, NY to help serve our customers. We look forward to continued expansion as we continue to grow and to using the expanding capabilities to further our commitment to our customers here and abroad.

    Thank you,
    The staff at New York Replacement Parts

    0 January Update - New shipping software and overall updates.

    New shipping software integrated into website. is proud to announce we have completed integrating the website with new shipping software. This will allow us to update the website with your shipments, including tracking number information, much faster. It also allows us to send out emails with linked tracking numbers so you can track your orders from the email with one click. We will also be able to access all your order information much faster than previously before when you call for information, including all your previous orders, new orders and just about any other information you might possibly need. Because the system sends the shipment information out so quickly it may take up to 24 hours for the tracking link to become usable. The reason for this is although we have processed the order, packed it and obtained the tracking information the order isn't verified in the shipping carriers system until the order is picked up by the driver. There are also some incredible things we can do with the new shipping software and we hope to share those with you in the near future so check back for future updates.

    5% Registration Discount ending January 31, 2014.

        We have decided to end the 5% registration discount promotion at the end of January. We believe it is time to start rewarding our repeat and loyal customers as well as all our new customers. We are looking into implementing a rewards system for repeat customers and are looking into ways to best implement this. We aren't going to forget our new registrations either so we are having talks to favor both groups and will let you all know soon how we are going to implement this. We will also be starting random drawing give-a-ways for a product but again we are just starting to think up ways we can reward everyone for being loyal, repeat and new customers.

    New Aqua-Pure by Cuno water filter system, filters and parts section.

        We have just added Aqua-Pure by Cuno filter systems, filters and parts to our online catalog. If you are looking for full house water filtration, under sink water filtration, filters, filter media or parts you can check out all the Aqua-Pure products here. We hope you all can benefit from clean, filtered drinking water in your homes.

    Thank you,
    The staff at New York Replacement Parts

    0 December update. hopes you all enjoyed your holiday season. We do though have one holiday left for the year 2013. New York Replacement parts wishes all our best for the new and upcoming year and we implore all our customers to drink and drive responsibly at their New Years Eve celebrations. With that being said we would like to update our customers on a few things happening here.

    We have completed the roll out of our improved website and the feedback has been overwhelmingly in favor of the new site design and features. The new AJAX one page checkout experience has made it much easier for everyone to checkout. We added some Google maps and direction links to the contact pages so you all can find our retail locations much more easily. Along with the site redesign those are just a few of the more noticeable improvements made to the site but many more were made that won't be noticeable but will ease your shopping experience here at

    We added over 1500 new products to our online catelog since our last update which you can view here. This brings our online catalog to over 13,500 products. We will continue to add more products throughout 2014 as our goal is to become the largest distributor of plumbing and heating supplies on the internet. We are pleased to announce that because of our sustained growth on the internet we have opened another distribution center in Wevertown, NY. The facility is operational and we have started shipping orders out of the location. In the next few weeks you will be receiving newly, redesigned, more detailed shipping invoices with your orders that will include tracking information right on the invoice so you will no longer need to access your account nor call us to track your shipments.

    We are also pleased to announce to all our Canadian customers that we have reinstated Canadian shipping options right in the checkout process so you no longer need to place your orders by phone. We do still need you to call to verify box size and weight but only if you are unsure of which option to select. Please do call, 800.228.4718 if you are unsure because if you select the wrong option we just cannot send out your order as the USPS has changed their pricing and option guidelines for 2013 and beyond.

    Thank you and we wish you all a safe and happy holiday season,

    The staff at New York Replacement Parts

    0 Final October update - Website update and new products added.

    October was a great month at New York Replacement Parts. We hope all of you enjoyed a fun, yet safe Halloween.

    We hope to be rolling out our improved website next week sometime. Just finishing up some final work that needs to be completed. We hope you enjoy the new one-page checkout. We've made checkout much simpler with a new AJAX shopping cart which will speed up your checkout progress as well as added some other improvements that you will notice and some that you won't.

    We added over 1000 new products to our online catelog which you can view here. This brings our online catelog to over 12,000 products. We're still working on the best way to bring our 40,000 product catelog of DoIt Best products to you as well. We added some Oatey chemicals and sealants and we have justa dded some beautiful KWC kitchen faucets. We will be adding some KWC bathroom faucets in the near future as well as adding a ton of other products all November long.

    Thank you,

    The staff at New York Replacement Parts

    0 Modified website layout and new features coming soon.

    New York Replacement Parts will again be updating our website to bring you an easier online experience and added features. NYRPCorp is striving to be the online leader in plumbing and heating supplies, faucet, shower and toilet parts as well as adding lines of faucets to our online catalog.

    We will be cleaning up the site a bit, adding a new, easier, checkout experience as well as adding other new features and enhancements.

    We will also continue to add a ton of new products throughout the month of October. Coming soon we will also be linking our website to our DoIt Best hardware store to bring you an aditional 40,000 products. Between and our DoIT Best hardware store you should be able to find everything you need for your home, office or building.

    Thank you,

    The staff at New York Replacement Parts

    0 October update. Heating season is approaching fast!!

    New York Replacement Parts is in a product adding frenzy again. We have added well over 300 new tools, faucet parts and more in the last week alone. We will not stop until we are the largest online distributor of plumbing and heating supplies. We will also be cleaning up the website a bit. We're adding products so fast that we need to start cleaning and organizing a little so that you our customers can find exactly what your looking for in the least amount of time possible. Check out all the New Products we have been adding.

    Don't forget heating season is upon us. Building owners looking to reduce their fuel costs this season should be looking for and identifying all the steam leaks and non-functioning steam traps on their systems. Repairing or replacing leaking steam traps, whether on the main line or on the radiator, will help reduce your fuel cost by keeping the steam within the system. If a steam trap is stuck open or faulty it allows steam to pass straight through the radiator or main line causing your boiler to run longer thus costing you more fuel. These faulty traps should be identified so that steam is not allowed to run through the heating systems without being trapped. You can check out our Heating Supplies here.

    Let's also not forget the importance of properly functioning frost free hydrants. Your buildings terrace apartments should be checked for faulty or leaking terrace hydrants. Repairing or replacing these will help to eliminate costly repairs due to burst pipes which can cause severe water damage. All your frost free hydrants should be checked now before the temperatures fall below freezing. New hydrants and hydrant parts.

    Thank you,

    The staff at New York Replacement Parts

    0 Registration re-captcha system

    We have had to implement registration re-captcha on our registration page. Re-captcha are those pesky little boxes that force you to enter the letters and numbers so the system can determine whether you are a human registering or not. We have implemented this because of the exceptional growth we have achieved on the internet this past year which has attracted the attention of the auto-bots (No, not the transforming kind that run around saving the earth) but the pain in the neck kind that go around auto-registering on websites sometimes 10 or 20 times a day for the purpose of spam and internet marketing. The auto-bots don't pose any security risk but they are making it difficult for our IT staff to determine which registrations are human and which ones are not. Thankfully the ones we have experienced all have registration names ending in two capital letters making it somewhat easier for us to remove them. With the re-captcha in place we can eliminate the problem entirely. We apologize for this but we need to do our part, as well as just about every other e-commerce site on the web, to try and eliminate this problem. Most of these auto-bots originate from China and Eastern Europe.

    We hope you can all understand that this step, although slightly more inconvenient, is a necessary step for us to take.

    Thank you all again,

    The staff at New York Replacement Parts