Barnes & Jones

Barnes & Jones Steam Trap Repair Guide

Your Complete Cross Indexed Guide to All Thermostatic Radiator Traps in use on Steam Heating Systems.

Locate the Barnes & Jones 100% calibrated upgrade for virtually every thermostatic radiator trap ever made by ANY manufacturer. Just locate the name of the manufacturer of the trap body by selecting from the alphabetical cross index below, find the model number matching the one on the cover of the trap body and order the Barnes & Jones drop-in repair kit.

Repair Any Residential Steam Trap Ever Made! View cross reference indexes alphabetically. Thermostatic Radiator Traps A-B, Thermostatic Radiator Traps C-G, Thermostatic Radiator Traps H-M, Thermostatic Radiator Traps N-S, Thermostatic Radiator Traps T-Z

* Pictures are for illustration only. Please check the guide for the correct part you need.

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