Toilet Parts

Toilet Parts, Toilet Repair, Toilet Installation Supplies

Shop for toilet parts to repair or install your toilet. We have every toilet part for almost every toilet made. Over 10,000 toilet parts from every manufacturer.

New York Replacement Parts is proud to be a distributor of Toilet Parts, Toilet Seats and Toilet Installation Supplies for over 40 years with over 10,000 toilet parts in stock! We have an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable staff that will help you find all the toilet parts to repair your toilet and all the supplies you need to install it.

Toilet Parts

We carry a huge inventory of toilet parts including toilet coupling kits, flappers, fill valves, flush valves, pressure tanks, tank handles and More! We have toilet parts for all the major toilet manufacturers such as American Standard, Briggs, Caroma, Gerber, Geberit, Kohler, Mansfield, TOTO and so many more! Let New York Replacement Parts be your one stop shop for all your toilet repairs!

Toilet Repair

Is your toilet not flushing correctly or is it constantly running or filling itself up? Is the handle loose, broken or just old looking? It might be time to replace some or all of the parts in the tank. If your toilet won't fill up it's most likely the fill valve but you should also check to see if there is sufficient water flow to the toilet itself. A running toilet can be several things and is caused by a slow loss of water in the tank. The flapper could be bad leaking water out of the tank or the fill valve could be bad and not fully closing. The seal on the flush valve could also be worn or pitted allowing water to pass through. You also should check the water level in the tank. If the water level is above the overflow tube it will run constantly. If the fill valve has a rod and float try adjusting the float down to the proper level. If not it's probably bad. If your toilet is constantly filling itself up it could be the flapper, flush valve or fill valve. Another issue is siphoning. If your fill valve is not anti-siphon check to see if the fill tube going into the overflow is below the level of water in the tank. If it is it will siphon off water from the tank. We always recommend replacing all the parts in the tank at the same time. They are the same age and if one goes the others aren't far behind. It will save you time and money. Especially if you're calling in a plumber. If you can't find the problem with your toilet we also always recommend calling in a plumber.

Toilet Installation

Did you buy a new toilet and need the supplies to install it? We have everything you need to get your toilet installed whether its a floor mount or wall hung toilet. Toilets parts we carry include wax gaskets, toilet bolts, bolt caps, outlet connectors for specialized brand toilets, flanges, specialized mounting flanges and more! If you pull the toilet and the flange is cracked or broken in anyway we recommend calling a plumber. It's not easy to repair. If the connection is lead the flange needs to be wiped on with lead. If it's PVC you will need to cut it off to replace, it's also not easy. You should also always set you toilet in plaster not caulking. Removing a toilet set in caulking is not easy. Plaster will stick to the floor and bowl just as well making a more secure installation and will make removing a leaking bowl a much easier job. Plaster is also more easily removed from the floor and bowl making a much cleaner looking re-installation.

Need some help? Give us a call at (800) 228-4718 or Contact Us and we will be happy to help you find the toilet parts and toilet installation supplies to repair your toilet. When in doubt just include some photos of the toilet parts you need and send them to A toilet repair specialist will get back to you with the parts you need to order as fast as they possibly can!
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