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    Bathroom, Kitchen & Shower Faucet Parts

    Bathroom, Kitchen, Shower Faucet Parts

    Whether you need to repair a bathroom, kitchen or shower faucet, you can search from thousands of parts right here. You can filter by Manufacturer and sort the parts or you can use the handy filter tool, located to the right of the page title, to search a for a specific type of faucet part or search by part number if you have one.

    Once you have your faucet parts you're ready to install them. Repairing a bathroom and kitchen faucet are pretty much the same depending on whether you're fixing a single lever, wide spread, 8" center or 4" center faucet. A shower faucet can be a little more dificult to repair than bathroom and kitchen faucets. Again, depending on which type of shower faucet you're repairing. Shower valves come in single lever or two valve and three valves. Some can have the shower diverter built in or as a seperate valve. You'll also need a good selection of hand tools including the basics like screwdrivers, allen keys, cresent wrenches, channel lock pliers and possibly vice grips or a small pipe wrench if the stem or ceramic cartridge are hard to remove from the faucet body. There are also many other specialized tools that could possibly help in taking the faucet apart."

    In all cases for repairing a bathroom, kitchen or shower faucet you need to first turn off the water supply valves. They can be under the sink for kitchen and bathroom faucets or in the case of shower faucets behind the faceplate. If you can't locate or you don't have shutoff valves you might have other valves to turn off the whole bathroom or kitchen. If all else fails you can turn the water off at the water meter and then drain the water down from the lowest fixture. Once you have the water completely turned off you can repair your faucet.

    Need help finding bathroom, kitchen or shower parts? Give us a call at (800) 228-4718 or Contact Us and we will be happy to help. Include some pictures in the email so we can identify the manufacturer, faucet model and parts.

    If you need to repair your bathroom faucet we carry all the parts you'll need from all the bathroom faucet manufacturers. Find a huge selection of bathroom faucet parts including ceramic cartridges, handles, aerators, escutcheons, faucet stems and more for just about every faucet made in the last 50 years or longer. We have hard to find bathroom faucet parts from manufacturers who are discontinued up to the newest bathroom faucets.

    Kitchen Faucet PartsIs your kitchen faucet giving you problems? Find every kitchen faucet part right here from all the top kitchen faucet manufacturers. Incredible selection of kitchen faucet spray heads and hoses as well as ceramic cartridges, single lever cartridges, handles and other trim parts. Every faucet part you'll need to keep your kitchen faucet running and looking like new. Old or new kitchen faucet it doesn't matter. We have tons of kitchen faucet parts.

    Shower Faucet PartsShower faucet not mixing the water correctly or is your trim worn, chipped or damaged. We stock every part you'll need to repair your shower faucet. Check out our huge selection of complete shower faucet rebuild kits for dozens of shower faucet manufacturers. We also have thermostatic and pressure balancing cartridges, shower handles, face plates, esctucheons and other trim pieces, check and integral stops and so much more. Thousands of shower repair parts in stock for almost every shower faucet made.