American Standard 6063101.002 Selectronic Exp Urinal Fv Dc 1.0 Gpf

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Manufacturer Part Number:
American Standard
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Exposed, sensor-operated Selectronic urinal flush valve for 3/4" top spud urinals.  CR-P2 lithium battery powered.

Inlet includes 3/4" sweat solder kit and angle stop with back flow protection and vandal-resistant cap.

Outlet includes 3/4" high back pressure vacuum breaker with spud coupling and flange.


  • Factory installed CR-P2 lithium battery
  • Electronic proximity flush valve with programmable, multi-function sensor
  • State-of-the-art electronics prevent ghost flushing
  • Pressure compensation feature ensures accurate flush volume regardless of inlet water pressure
  • Exclusive, self-cleaning piston-operated flush valve with integral wiper spring
  • High copper, low zinc semi-red brass alloy resists dezincification
  • Fully mechanical manual override button can flush the valve without power
  • Fail safe: Valve automatically closes upon loss of power or water pressure and does not need to be reset
  • Adjustable sanitary flush cleans the fixture and maintains the trap seal
  • Stadium feature: Valve automatically switches to water savings mode during periods of heavy usage
  • Chemical resistant EPDM seals for extended life
  • High back pressure vacuum breaker
  • Adjustable tailpiece
  • Range can be adjusted manually or with optional remote control
  • Can be installed left- or right-handed
  • Valve includes sweat solder kit
  • 11-1/2" rough-in
  • 3/4" stop valve
  • 6063.101



Manufacturer: American Standard
Part Number: 6063101.002
Installation: Exposed
Fixture Type: Standard Urinal
Flush Action: Electronic
Flush Type: Sensor
Flow Rate: 1.0 GPF